TacSense has developed the world's most sensitive and flexible pressure sensing technology, known as Supercapacitive Iontronic Sensor (SCIS), utilizing proprietary ionic materials to establish an ionic-electronic interface in respond to mechanical stimuli. It can provide real-time high-quality noise-immune pressure/force signals in a mechanically flexible, optically transparent and ultrathin package.


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TacSense has developed the world’s most sensitive and flexible human sensing interfaces, known as Supercapacitive Iontronic Sensing (SCIS), to address global demands on the medical, consumer, robotic and automobile applications. Under advent of the IoT, push for autonomous products, and emerging AR/VR applications, there still remains an unmet market demand for high-precision and ultraflexible mechanical sensing modalities. TacSense fills such an innovation gap, by providing ultrasensitive pressure sensors, flexible human-sensing interfaces and wearable health monitors, in addition to the consulting services on these emerging directions. TacSense’s headquarter is located in California with its manufacturing and sales offices in China.

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